Mountain View

Coaching Services

My coaching services include:

  • Individual Academic Coaching
  • Individual Entrepreneurial Coaching
  • Small Group Courses (see the Course Tab for current listings)
  • Speaking Engagements and Lectures
  • The Lifestyle Ladder: my select, signature 90-day program

While my specialty is ADHD, many of my clients are not diagnosed as such, but suspect they may have ADHD and need help to understand and make the most of this remarkable brain wiring as they build their businesses, move through the academic world or seek balance in their home life.  Clients that have been previously diagnosed sometimes come to be wondering about their medication options as well as seeking non-pharmaceutical methods to manage their brain chemisty.  

Most people who find me have never worked with a coach before.  So, how does it work?  

It starts with you.  You've been sensing it for awhile, and now the feeling has gotten unavoidable.  
You're frustrated, you're tired.  You are stuck in a rut. Your grades stink even though you know you are smart.
You keep missing appointments, you're chronically late for work.  You can't keep your budget even though you want to.
You find me online, and you know you're ready to ACTUALLY MAKE A CHANGE.  Not like the dozen times before when you kinda sorta thought you wanted to make a change.  This time is for real.  You know you need help to get some momentum going--changing our lives is a big deal, and if you could easily do it yourself, you would've done it already.  

So this time, since you know want the change to stick, you are approaching it with expert support.  You found a coach who understands creatives, entreprenuers, gifted and ADHD brain wirings.  You send an email, a text or an appointment request.  

I will respond to your query and then we can meet, in my office or over Skype/FaceTime.  

We'll talk about ourselves a bit each, ask each other questions, and see if we like each other.  

If, after we talk, we think we will probably work together, I'll send you a written proposal with some options for 

moving forward.  You can take some time to think it over, talk with your family, and then when we've all agreed on a plan, we will

schedule our first session.  

From here on out, we meet at our appointment time and we stay in touch between sessions via email, text or call as we have decided.

I specialize in the following areas:

Academic Support
Achieving Creative Goals
High school to College Transition
Life Transitions (moving, graduating, changing jobs)
Organization & Productivity