Mountain View

For HS Juniors and Seniors

So...what about sleeping and eating?

Junior and senior year can be both exhilarating and exhausting.  Your grades and transcipts are more important than ever, and your courses are more difficult than ever.  Perhaps you're even taking AP and IB courses, or getting some college credit for your courses!  You have the ACT and/or SAT to study for and take on the weekends.  You're at peak performance in all your extra-curriculars--captain, president, lead--and you're even adding activities to build your college application!  There are your great friends, and some of the most exciting social events, from homecoming to prom to graduation.   Somewhere in there, you also need to research and apply for college....MORE forms, MORE essays, MORE THINGS TO DO.   

If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed, amongst excitement, impatience, fear, readiness and everything else, consider working with a coach to help you hone in on a good school for you. 

A coach's main consideration is YOUR SUCCESS. 

Weekly meetings can help you:

1. Research cool schools

2. Eliminate the less savory options

3. Organize and streamline what needs to be done for your applications

4. Support you through the application process

5. Research scholarship/financial aid options

6. Make a healthy decision for your future

7. Get you organized for moving

8. Assist in building an awesome class schedule