Mountain View

For Parents

It's one thing to spend money on education,
and another to invest in your child
making the most of it

Does your teen gravitate toward the opposite of anything you suggest? 
Are you concerned about his or her future?  
If you're feeling enough pressure just reminding your student to get home by curfew and get their homework in, consider giving yourself a break by supporting your child's next big step with a coach! 

Weekly individual coaching sessions can add focus and depth to the high school academics, college research and the application process.   You can rest assured that applications are complete and postmarked in plenty of time without any all-nighters or arguments with your child.

You'll be giving your student a leg up in life by investing in the right fit college or university.

A student at a college that is a good fit faces healthy academic challenges and experiences successes,
meets friends and mentors that can last a lifetime, feels safe to explore new subjects,
invests in extra-curriculars to maintain a balanced life, builds a strong foundation to take a next step, and thrives as she spreads her wings.

When the college is a poor fit, too often students find themselves overwhelmed, depressed and anxious. 
They feel stuck, out of balance and lost.  Perhaps they turn to alcohol or drugs to make friends and "fit in." 
They act out to hide the fact they are struggling.  Self-confidence can plummet and fear can take over. 

Creating a plan for life after high school that truly supports your remarkable child is priceless. 
As a professional coach, I offer guidance through this transition.  My focus is his success. 
I work with students long term through the fast-and-furious senior year to ensure they are giving
thoughtful reflection to their plans. 

I provide structure for selecting and applying to schools and programs, guarantee up to 4 complete and edited college applications submitted on time, and teach concrete college "survival" skills especially geared toward ADD/ADHD. 


**If your student is finishing high school but college is still a year away, we can co-create a fruitful gap year plan
and line up programs (teaching abroad, being an au pere, internships or other enriching experiences) to make the most of
this time, and we can see to it that colleges have been selected and attendance deferred.